Through a collaborative effort, the communities of Hampden, Woodberry, and Medfield have obtained a $5,000 grant that is to be used to improve the livability of and contribute to the betterment of our communities. We are currently seeking applicants to request to utilize these funds for 2019/20. Below is a copy of the application that can be used to make a request.

Hampden Woodberry Medfield Livable Neighborhoods Grant

Deadline for Application: July 15, 2019                          Grant Winners will be Announced: September 1, 2019



  • Cover Letter (1 page) should contain the following information

  1. The purpose of the project and the exact dollar amount requested (up to $5,000).

  2. How the proposal fits with the goals of Hampden, Woodberry, and Medfield to improve the livability of and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

  3. History and a brief description of the sponsoring organization.  If you are an individual, please describe your background and motivation for applying.

  4. Title and physical address of the project.

  5. Contact Information: name, title, telephone number, E-mail address, fax number, social media URLs and mailing address of the organization or individual.

  • Additionally:

  1. Should your proposal include construction, landscaping or workshop supplies, please supply additional documentation with budget, quotes, timeline, drawings and/or pictures.

  2. If you are partnering with other organizations and/or volunteer groups, please indicate those groups on a second page as well as their URLs.



Applications should be submitted on standard ( 8x11), white paper and mailed to:

Hampden Community Council

P.O. Box 19957

Baltimore, MD 21211


The application may also be emailed to



  • By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Grants will only be awarded for projects located in Hampden, Woodberry or Medfield.

  2. All applications may be made public.

  3. Applicants must provide an itemized project budget, with quotes with their application.

  4. Successful Applicants must provide receipts once the project is completed, no more than 6 months after receiving their funding.

  5. Successful Applicants must provide photos of the completed project with a 1000-word (approx) narrative.describing said project, no more than 6 months after receiving their funding.


Hampden Community Council  |  P.O. Box 19957, Hampden, MD 21211  |

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